The Relaxation Solution

The Secret to Stress-Free Living

Book Cover: The Relaxation Solution
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Introducing a new mindfulness that’s naturally open, effortless and relaxing.

In today’s world, family life, finances, illness and job demands all stress us, and we learn to respond to stress by tensing up. The Relaxation Solution takes us by the hand and shows how the modern world has taught us to be tense. Then it leads us to stop so we can truly relax.

When we practice these meditations, we reverse the habitual tension response and instill a new habit of relaxation.

Includes exclusive online access to 35 minutes of guided meditation audios (like getting a bonus CD with your book).

Publisher: Empty Mind Publishing
Imprint: Empty Mind Publishing


The car was out of control. Veering and spinning across the highway, it didn’t respond to the steering wheel or the brakes. It was only going to stop when it ran into some immovable object.

I realized in that moment that there was nothing I could do to influence the outcome. I was entirely powerless.

And in that moment of recognition something wonderful happened. I became entirely calm, entirely still. I knew there was nothing I could do, so I was free from any pressure to do anything. All I had to do was watch and wait.

Time slowed. My perceptions became sharp and vivid. I was curious but not concerned about what was happening, unworried about what the next moment would bring. My mind was clear and open.


Afterward, I thought Why isn’t my experience always like this? What exactly made me feel so free? Is it possible to feel this free all the time? And I set out to find the answer.

You may never have had such a dramatic experience, but I’m willing to bet you’ve had a taste of what I’m talking about.

Reviews:Greg Goode, PhD, author of After Awareness wrote:

This is my favorite mindfulness book. It's written with a light touch, and we can feel Steve's generosity and good cheer shine from every page.

Rolland Smith, 11-time Emmy Award-winning TV journalist wrote:

If you want temporary relief from worldly tension, take a hot bath. If you want permanent mindful relief, read this book.

Nicolas (Amazon reviewer) wrote:

This is a practical and accessible text for those who suspect that there must be an alternative to our unhealthy stress. In The Relaxation Solution, Steve Diamond shows us how tension — whether mental or physical — is just a habit. We have unknowingly created our undesirable circumstances, and through awareness, we can find our way out.

Meg (Amazon reviewer) wrote:

I’ve worked with many different relaxation and meditation practices and techniques, for years and years. This book revealed new perspectives and practical exercises and visualizations (and an eye-opening reveal of what he terms the “New Mindfulness” which is relaxed and not forced). I’m still working with it so as to take my time and not rush through it. It’s a wonderful book to really feel and relish. And it’s not overwhelming but succinct and supportive no matter where you are on your journey.

From the Author

For me it’s personal.

I’ve known that stress, disease, and death are closely related ever since I watched my mother die of cancer at the age of 52. Three years earlier she’d received bad news that dealt a blow to her self-image and caused her to doubt her life’s purpose. She was never the same.

Within 18 months after the news, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent major surgery to remove much of her large intestine and install a colostomy bag. A year later the cancer had spread to her liver. She died slowly and painfully, ravaged by disease, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Nobody knows whether excessive stress triggers cancer directly, but many doctors and medical researchers suspect that it can. What is known is that unmitigated stress can weaken the body’s ability to fight disease and can cause cellular changes associated with earlier death. I’ve listed and linked some of the scientific research about this in the back of my book.

I’m determined that no one else should suffer and die unnecessarily because they don’t know how to handle the stress in their lives. That’s why I’ve used insights from my lifelong study of meditation and self-realization to develop The Relaxation Solution, a ground-breaking program for genuine stress relief.

It’s my earnest hope that it saves others from suffering the fate my mother suffered.