The Relaxation Solution Workbook and Journal

This workbook and journal will aid any mindfulness based stress relief program. It's the perfect companion to the author's book, The Relaxation Solution: The Secret of Stress-Free Living. It also stands on its own for anyone with a daily practice.

Inside you'll find pages to record your stress reduction practice: daily, weekly, and monthly pages for a full 52 weeks.

Each daily page has space for:

  • Theme of the day
  • List of meditations practiced, with notes
  • List of stresses observed, with notes
  • List of relaxation remembrance triggers
  • Mood check

Each weekly page has:

  • Theme of the week
  • Space for free-form notes

Each monthly page has a self-evaluation questionnaire based on the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), so you can observe your progress from month to month.

Publisher: Empty Mind Publishing